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Upcoming Women In Consulting Events

Monthly Sandbox Community Discussion Topic: Brainstorming Tools and Skills

Brainstorming can play a vital role in nurturing group creative and problem-solving activity. Brainstorming can also help you do that on your own. May’s Sandbox focuses on best practices and tools that make brainstorming work.

Women In Consulting Networking Event

SF Bay Area Networking Event in San Jose

You are all cordially invited to join us at San Pedro Square Market, 87 North San Pedro, San Jose, California, on June 13 @ 6 PM. We’re looking forward to this opportunity to get to know each other in person ~ look for volunteer Ellen Grace Henson when you arrive onsite!

Women In Consulting Expert Series Event

How to Grow Your Business Through Speaking

YLeisa Reid shares expert secrets on how to utilize the popular technique of public speaking to broaden your reach and attract more ideal clients easily. This session is ideal for consultants and entrepreneurs who want to use the power of public speaking to attract ideal clients and make an impact on the world.

Is Women In Consulting a good fit for you?

The Women In Consulting experience goes far beyond the focus of other professional organizations that limit their agendas to referral networking, lead generation, and transactional educational events for self-directed business building.

The depth of support, insights, and on-the-ground guidance at Women In Consulting provide you with a pivotal boost during shifting business conditions and requirements.

Business is difficult enough without going it alone.

Are you feeling a bit isolated working on your own?

  • You often get a lot done and you’d like to share your challenges with someone who really gets it.
  • You’re with clients and you need to maintain a professional relationship as their go-to expert.

Want to share the challenges of being a woman in business with others who get it?

  • Do you miss the camaraderie of business-minded women in your previous workplace?
  • You’d like to connect with like-minded women who are interested in and enjoy talking business.

Need different perspectives on structuring your fees and agreements?

  • You wish you knew whether you’re charging what you’re worth or what clients would pay.
  • You’d like to know how to set up initial fees vs. hourly vs. project and what really works.
  • Are you charging what you’re worth?

You’d like to know how to best use a virtual assistant to get things done.

  • You’re not quite sure where to find a really good candidate to help you get the operational parts of your business done.
  • You need tactical marketing help with social media and website updates but not as a big expensive project.

You need to stay at the top of your game as an expert.

  • You’re always looking for valuable insight from high-quality sources.
  • You want to be current on all aspects of your expertise-based business but you don’t have time to look for multiple ways to get that knowledge.

What really works to scale an expertise-based business?

  • You’ve asked people how they grew their business and what recommendations they have, but people aren’t anxious to share.
  • You would love a circle of like-minded businesswomen to share challenges and lessons learned along the way so you can all reach your goals faster.

You deserve to have a community of powerful, like-minded businesswomen and get the
generous insights and guidance you need
You don’t have to face the challenges of
starting, growing, and sustaining a
profitable expertise-based business alone.

That’s why a small group of professional businesswomen started Women In Consulting more than 20 years ago.

Women In Consulting was created as a community to offer support, encouragement, and trade hard-won insights on how to overcome challenges as independent professionals
AND as women loving the challenge of business and sharing that experience with each other.

Kathryn Gorges, Women In Consulting President

Here’s what our members are saying
about Women In Consulting…

Bobbie LaPorte

“I am always impressed by the willingness of WIC members to share their experience
and knowledge with others in the WIC community.”

Bobbie LaPorte, Bobbie LaPorte & Associates
Deb Siegle

“WIC has been generously sharing best practices, expertise, advice and resources to expand its members’ capabilities, shorten time frames, and take our businesses to the next level successfully since 1998.”

Deb Siegle, Marketing Solutions
Robin Weintraub

“WIC is a major reason I moved to the Bay Area.
It is an incredibly collaborative, supportive and welcoming group.”

Robin Weintraub, Robin Weintraub, Inc.
Danielle Terrazas

“Women In Consulting’s collaborative environment, educational presentations,
and connections are invaluable.”

Danielle Terrazas, Freelance
Wendy Wood

“Women In Consulting has been essential in growing my business—the collaborations,
advice and support are invaluable.”

Wendy Wood, Wendy Wood Design
Theresa Marcroft

“Women In Consulting has been a godsend. Not only is it so helpful to be able to collaborate with other smart women running & growing their own businesses, these women have become good friends, too.”

Theresa Marcroft, MarketSavvy
Angel Rampy

“Volunteering at WIC has given me such an opportunity to understand the back-bones of a well-organized professional non-profit board. It also has given me tremendous deeper connections to professional women who I truly respect and admire. Volunteering has been my way of also giving back the support that I have gained from WIC in building my own business.”

Angel Rampy, Success through Learning
Katherine Van Diepen

“Volunteering raised the bar for me in connecting with some amazing, powerful and talented women. The level of networking increases exponentially for volunteers—we have access to more people, and more opportunities as volunteers, gain more experience in collaboration, and improve our talents overall.”

Katherine Van Diepen, Surfwoman
Ellen Grace Henson

“It’s hard to believe how many years Women In Consulting has run our consulting best practices survey. Over the years, it’s offered interesting insights into the evolution of consulting businesses, such as revenue and profitability trends and fees, consulting expertise and specialties, business structure and operations. These in turn help our Women In Consulting community and beyond gain critical insights in how to streamline operations and drive growth of their consultancies.”

Ellen Grace Henson, Marketing Mechanics
Adrian Ott

“The WIC Executive Membership catapulted my business knowledge because I was able to learn best practices from industry luminaries.”

Adrian Ott, Exponential Edge

Women In Consulting offers you the keys to succeeding in your practice with a community to support you during these uncertain and everchanging business conditions.

Connection with a generous network of experts:

Get together with high-powered businesswomen

Reach the top of your game and avoid the loneliness of isolation with a generous collaborative community of high-powered successful professional businesswomen.

    • Sandbox: Community Discussions
    • Networking Events
    • Community Forum
    • Organization Partners
Women In Consulting Members
Women In Consulting Members

Deeper expertise from select speakers, workshops, and discussion groups

Level up with select speaker series, events, education

Deepen your expertise and stay current on new ideas, approaches, and technology with insights from select speakers, workshops, and discussion groups.

    • Expert Series Events
    • Consulting Foundations Education
    • In-depth Mini-Conferences

Insider advice and experience to grow your business faster using hard-won lessons from successful women and our Best Practices Research

Achieve success faster and more easily

Intensify your business success by advancing your practices and operations with actionable practical and strategic insights and support from like-minded women.

    • Success Intensive (formerly Business Health Check)
    • Masterminds
    • 18 years of Best Practices Research Reports
Women In Consulting Success Intensive Presenters

Take these three simple steps to start working smarter together with like-minded professional businesswomen and get the advantage of their experience and insights.

Join Women In Consulting Today

Join Today

Become a Standard member today and you’ll have at your fingertips 18 years of how the most successful women consultants price their services, set up charging, their approach to operations, and how they market themselves with our Best Practices Research Reports.

Join at our Basic level and you have access to our community email-based forum to get your questions answered AND our 4 hour Consulting 101 Foundations education.

As a Premier or Executive member you’ll be part of an inner circle with quarterly meetings on topics tailored to each level’s concerns, in addition to all the benefits above and more.

Best of all, you’ll be part of a community of professional businesswomen who are committed to success in business.

Women In Consulting Event

Register for Our Next Event

Whether you join or you’re still not sure, sign up for our next event.

You’ll get a true taste of what sets Women In Consulting apart from other professional organizations by sitting in on our Sandbox Community Discussions. Free to members, you also have access to two free sessions prior to joining – so take advantage of that. These monthly facilitated discussions are deep dives into current topics and challenges. They’re scheduled for the first Wednesday each month at 8:30am – 10am Pacific/11:30am – 1pm Eastern.

You can also register for an Expert Series event on the 4th Thursdays for a small fee.

And we have monthly free in-person networking sessions around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Get involved with a Women In Consulting project

Get Involved

Get the MOST from your membership – relationships, partnership opportunities, deep insights – by getting involved. Even volunteering for a minimal time (we’re all busy, we get it) will make a huge difference in the value you get from Women In Consulting.

Working with other members helps others get to know you and you get to know them. You learn how each other works and what expertise they have. THAT is the foundation for future partnerships and possible opportunities.

Women In Consulting is not a leads organization. We’re all about trusted relationships and that’s what creates success for expertise-based businesses.

Dive in and you’ll experience connection and shared enthusiasm for business that’ll make a difference for you in your work and life.

The Women In Consulting Promise

You’ll have access to a community of experienced consultants and professional experts. And you can ask almost any question about business and get generous, helpful advice and recommendations.

The Sandbox Community Discussions and conversations in our various events is rich and provides you with a wealth of knowledge that comes from on-the-ground experience.

The in-depth workshops, mini-conferences, and Expert Series talks spark new ideas and avenues for you to move forward to your goals faster and smarter.

Your return on membership in Women In Consulting increases with your engagement in events, discussions, networking, and your level of involvement working together with other members to make things happen.